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Broken Planet Hoodie and What Do We Aim for?

In environmental preservation, aiming for perfection can be overwhelming. This may lead people to hesitate or choose not to engage in sustainable practices that are not completely flawless. We don’t need a few people living sustainably, but many people making imperfect but conscious efforts.

In today’s context, fashion consumption has reached record highs, significantly contributing to pollution and global waste levels. Some argue that brands should not make or produce any goods to be fully sustainable. This is because each product creates a carbon footprint.

Nonetheless, individuals deem this concept hard to achieve. This is especially true because the clothing and fabric industry is the fourth biggest worldwide.

Additionally, millions of people depend on this industry for their livelihoods. We should prioritize creating safe and ethical working conditions throughout production. Additionally, we should reduce the industry’s harm to the environment in the long run.


Sustainable fashion Eco-friendly fashion brand “Broken Planet” focuses on making clothes ethically and valuing quality more than speed. It’s a constantly evolving process that keeps changing. We should celebrate every step forward we take. Some people believe that sustainability requires full commitment and that this belief has given it a bad reputation.

Moreover, consumers often perceive sustainable products, such as organic and fair trade items, as more expensive. The underlying truth is that everything comes with a cost. Fast fashion poses a problem as it produces inexpensive clothes that people discard quickly. The clothes made with harmful materials hurt the environment and people’s health.

Style and Goals

Recent trends have seen sustainability used as a buzzword to guilt-trip consumers into buying “green” products. However, for some, it represents the quest to create genuine, meaningful impacts rather than just a marketing strategy. Since its inception, the brand Broken Planet has committed to sustainable fashion, considering it a fundamental principle. They focused on being eco-friendly in every step of production, which is why they chose the brand’s name.

Uniqueness and trendiness

“Broken Planet” is committed to ethical clothing production and prioritizes quality over speed. Environment is a must, and the brand always looks for ways to be more eco-friendly. “Broken Planet Dark Hours Hoodie” aims to meet the ongoing consumer need for clothing. They use organic and recycled fabrics made ethically, ensuring their clothes last longer.

Broken Planet Market

Fashion is one of the most polluting industries, second only to oil and gas. “Broken Planet” recognizes the need for more progress to be made. Nonetheless, the brand commits to transparency regarding its feasible journey and ongoing efforts to improve. The goal of “Broken Planet” is to encourage people to make sustainable choices, no matter how small they may be.

What material do we use?

Choosing sustainable fabrics significantly reduces harm to the environment. 20% of water pollution from industry comes from textile treatments and dyes, which use 800+ chemicals inhaled by workers. Toxic substances pollute water and soil. Wearing these clothes allows them to enter our bodies through the skin, endangering our health.

Broken Planet Clothing Line

We offer high-quality products at Broken Planet. One of our popular items is the Broken Planet Broken Heart Hoodie. It not only meets your fashion needs but also supports our commitment to the environment.

Our Product Line:

At Broken Planet, we have eco-friendly and high-quality materials for clothes that help you look good and protect the environment. We offer the following items:

Broken Planet Market

The Broken Planet Tracksuit seamlessly combines fashion and eco-consciousness. Crafted from recycled nylon and polyester, this tracksuit is a step towards reducing waste and pollution. You can enjoy both comfort and style while making a responsible choice for the environment. The tracksuit has 3D foam printing with messages about our planet and the universe, like our hoodie.

Broken Planet T-Shirts

Our collection of Broken Planet T-shirts not only keeps you in vogue but also supports sustainability. Made from 100% organic, GOTS-certified cotton, these t-shirts are soft, comfortable, and environmentally friendly. With striking 3D foam printing, they carry compelling messages about our planet and the cosmos, giving you a unique and meaningful way to express your environmental consciousness.

On The Whole

Our commitment to quality and eco-consciousness is the driving force behind our products. By choosing Broken Planet clothing, you show that ethical production and a smaller environmental impact matter to you.

Our cotton is organic and certified by GOTS. We use recycled materials and 3D foam printing to help the environment and show off your style. Join us in making a difference, one piece of clothing at a time

Visit the official website of “Broken Planet Market” to learn more about their products. They offer a variety of items, including the “Broken Planet hoodie”

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