Sometimes, trying to be perfect can be really scary and make you feel like you can’t do anything at all. It’s like you’d rather not do something if you can’t do it perfectly. But here’s the thing: we don’t need just a few people living a totally perfect and sustainable life. What we really need is millions of people trying their best to achieve sustainability. Even if they make mistakes along the way.

Fashion is super popular right now, but did you know it’s causing a lot of pollution and waste? It’s true! To be totally eco-friendly, fashion brands should stop making clothes altogether because every item leaves a carbon footprint. But that’s not really possible because the fashion industry is one of the biggest in the world. Many people depend on it for their livelihoods. So instead, we need to find realistic solutions that focus on making sure people have safe and fair working conditions. While also trying to reduce harm to the environment.

But wait, sustainability is a tricky, always-changing journey, and we should celebrate every little step we take. Sadly, some people think sustainability is being forced on them, or that they have to go all-in or nothing. And then there’s the issue of cost. Some folks get turned off by the idea that eco-friendly stuff, like organic and fair trade products, can be more expensive. But here’s the thing: everything has a price. See, there’s this thing called fast fashion, where they produce cheap clothes that are of such poor quality. People throw away about 60% of them within a year, after wearing them just once or twice. And when we buy these cheap clothes, we’re actually hurting the environment and our health. It’s a big price to pay, my friends.

These days, everyone is talking about sustainability and trying to make you feel bad if you don’t buy their eco-friendly stuff. But for us, sustainability is more than just a marketing trick. It’s about actually making a difference. We’ve always cared about our designs and making awesome streetwear. But we’ve also been thinking about the environment since the beginning. That’s why we came up with the name Broken Planet.

We always try to do things the right way, without taking any shortcuts. Our goal is to make clothes. In a way that is fair and good for the environment, even if it takes a little longer. We care about sustainability. And that’s why want to keep finding new ways to be even more eco-friendly. As we make clothes like broken planet hoodie. We know that there are already a lot of clothes in the world, but people keep buying more. That’s why we’re here to offer a better choice with clothes made from organic and recycled materials. That made in a fair way. This also means that our clothes such as hoodie, broken planet t-shirt, broken planet tracksuit, broken planet sweatshirt, broken planet bottoms etc. are made to last a long time.

So, the fashion industry is actually one of the biggest polluters out there, right after the oil and gas industry. But don’t worry, we know we have a long way to go to make things better. We’re trying our hardest to be open about what we’re doing to be more sustainable. We want to encourage everyone, even if it’s just a little bit, to start making more eco-friendly choices. Let’s all work together to make a difference! If you want to buy our latest drops, visit our website and shop now!